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    MEP 2nd Term Exam Results:

    We are happy to inform you of the 2nd Term Exam results of the 77 MEP Nepal students:

    • Students bagged Top 10 position in their Classes: 49
    • Students passed: 22
    • Students failed: 6

    For the Mid Term exam of 18 MEP Bhutanese students all are passed. Please download the details for all of the Nepali and Bhutanese students.

    MEP students win Art Competition:

    On the auspicious Buddha Purnima Day (21 May, 2016), an Art competition was held in Pharping with the joint sponsorship of Wai Wai Noodles Company and Paradise Creative Link. Students from 7 different schools located in Pharping area were invited to draw what they liked. All entries were judged by the group of professional artists from Lalitkala Campus, Kathmandu, and a higher institute for learning arts. The participating schools were:

    getting art award

    6 students were invited from each school, with 2 students from junior class (students from class 2 to 5) and 4 students from senior class (students from class 6 to 10).

    From Cardinal International boarding high school, 6 students were selected. Out of the 6 students, 3 students were from our MEP hostel (The Manjushri Educational Project). They are Dawa Dindu Sherpa (junior class 4) and Tsewang Jimmy Hyolmo, class 8 and Khando Sherpa, class 7 (senior class).

    At the end of the competition, our student, Dawa Dindu Sherpa (Class 4) was awarded won the third position for the junior class. The first and the second positions were awarded to Dawa Sherpa and Pema Tamang respectively. Both the winners were from UDC.

    From the senior group, our MEP student, Tsewang Jimmy Hyolmo (Class 8) was awarded the first position. The second position was awarded to Ram KC from Tribhuwan Adarsh Madhyamik Vidyalaya and the third position was awarded to Rojani Balami from Green Hill School.

    The criteria for judging was based on several aspects, including the style of drawing and choices of colors, the drawing itself and the concept of the drawing. The drawing by Tsewang Jimmy Hyolmo fulfilled all the requirements and was selected as the winner of the competition.

    Please visit the Manjushri Educational Project for more information and please consider making at donation

    History of MEP:

    Khen Rinpoche has witnessed that there are many desperately poor families living near his monastery in Nepal who have no means of improving their life circumstances; they are of the lowest caste, ignored and shunned by most people and have little to eat, no education and suffer terribly. Khen Rinpoche believes that the best way for them to improve their own lives is through education and so since 2012 he is providing education to 30 young Nepali children and 20 Bhutanese children. The program is named The Manjushri Educational Project and his intention is to sponsor their full educational path over students and parentsthe course of the next 10 years. The program is now sponsoring the tuition for 30 children from the class 1 to 8 to the one of the best schools in Parphing, Nepal (Cardinal International Boarding High School). As the project grows he will gradually provide for more students to attend school.

    Khen Rinpoche has also provided them with school supplies, bags and uniforms, as well as bus transportation to and from their homes about a 2 km ride. Now, these poor children are happily attending Cardinal International High school 6 days per week and are beginning to receive a good quality education. Rinpoche remarked that even after just the first week of school, eating healthy food and engaging enthusiastically with their teachers their faces were beaming and their outlook on life was uplifted. Khen Rinpoche sends his thanks and appreciation to the initial sponsors who helped get the project started and wrote that "this is happening due to your kindness and moral support."

    In February the Bhutan students had a term break in Bhutan anBhutan students and teacherd they traveled to Nepal and stayed in the hostel where they continued their studies and met their peers in the Nepal branch of the program. Khen Rinpoche also took the students to several of the pilgrimage sites in the area including the great stupa at Swayambhu. Visit the gallery of pictures from Bhutan and Nepal branches of the program.

    Please consider this request and try your best to support these benevolent activities to help people that no one helps. Since this project aims to provide a full course of education to these deserving young children, please try to have a long term view and make a long term commitment of support. Khen Rinpoche is extremely precise and careful with all the donations so you can be confident that every dollar raised will be dedicated according to your aspiration and for the benefit of others. Please read the reports from March, May and June with many more pictures and other information about this inpiring program.

    The cost per child is $365 / year -- $1 / day. Here is the fee schedule for the coming 2014-2015 academic year. These are just the fees for the school and do not include the costs of uniforms, medical needs, meals and upkeep of the hostel.